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How to complete your profile

At Trechi, we see safety as one of the pillars of our services. To assure safety is maintained at all time, we have introduced various actions which provide safety to both our technician-partners and vehicle owners. All technician-partners are required to pass a criminal record check and screening session.

Make sure your documents have been collected before registering as a technician-partner.

Steps to complete your profile
1. Complete personal information
2. Upload documents: Drivers License, merSETA certificate, ID Copy and Criminal Clearance Certificate
3. Agree to Pink Torque Projects PTY Ltd to carry out additional checks

Once your initial screening has passed, you will receive email communication to book your screening and Trechi Training (1 hour session).

You are required to make a booking in order to secure an appointment.

Trechi Training includes:
• Entrepreneurship Session
• Trechi information Session
• Covid-19 Safety Training
• Customer Service Training
• Attend your appointment

Once you complete all the required steps your technician-partner profile will be activated within 48 hours to receive service and repair bookings.